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Miscellaneous Diary 2002-2010: Travel and Daughters

May 3, 2002 Two post-it notes left beside a dead blue jay Julia found on the sidewalk and put in a shoebox on my workshed porch: “Fred, a blue jay, found recently dead, was a good bird. He was a … Continue reading

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second year (2002) of John Casey Reading Journals

Demon of the Waters: The story of the mutiny on the whaleship ‘Globe’ by Gregory Gibson (sent by Deborah Baker for a blurb) Blurb: The mutiny on the Globe is every bit as exciting as the mutiny on the Bounty, … Continue reading

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first year (2001) of the reading journals of John Casey–following years TK

The Loser by Thomas Bernhard                                                                                           My friend Savi’s pick for a funny novel. I thought it a strange tour de force—congruent with Schoenberg variations (as I remember being told about them). One of those novels that wraps around and around … Continue reading

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Former Rowing Coach Responds

John Casey Here I am, browsing at a bookstore in Wellesley, MA with a friend and naturally, I gravitate to the Sports Section.  You can only imagine my thrill and delight when I discover that the John Casey of this … Continue reading

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A Nice Review on Amazon for Room for Improvement

From Kevin Quinley from Fairfax, VA: True confessions: my Gmail address is Compared to John Casey, author of ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT, though, I readily concede my poseur status. Now well into his 70’s, Casey is The Real Deal when … Continue reading

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New York Times Review: Room for Improvement

New York Times Sunday Book Review

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Excerpt from Room for Improvment

Read Cross-Country Skiing online and link to pre-order.

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Children’s Books that Adults May Enjoy

A letter to a friend with children’s book recommendations: Dear Ce’cile, Happy to hear Child #1 has a #2, far enough apart so they won’t quarrel, at least not as much as two-or-three-years apart. Child #1 ready for Now We … Continue reading

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Room for Improvement Q&A

Room for Improvement: Notes on a Dozen Lifelong Sports will be published this November. Below is an advance Q&A with Knopf publicist Erica Hinsley. Knopf: Many people can exercise for one day or one week, or train for one race. … Continue reading


Kurt Vonnegut Reads the Bible

Kurt was unhappy with the part of the Sermon on the Mount that is translated “Blessed are the meek…” I said, “I remember a French translation that says ‘Heureux sont les debonairs.’” Kurt was delighted. When I checked a French … Continue reading

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